The Christmas Project (Stories From Hartford #4)

Hartford is full of small-town Christmas traditions and Gaby Bryant puts herself in the center of all of them. She loves Christmas and she loves things that stay the same. She spends most of the season engaged in one project after another, all intended to squeeze joy and beauty into the holiday. The fact that her friend Owen only reluctantly joins her preparations somehow adds to her fun.

But this year Owen has a project of his own. He wants to convince Gaby that not all change is bad and that if she’d stop thinking of him as “only” a friend, Christmas could be a whole lot merrier.

From the book:
    [Gaby] was wrapping the last string around the top of the railing when Owen appeared on the stairs. “Already?” he said.
    She stopped what she was doing to face him. “Don’t pretend to be surprised. You know this is official Put Up Your Pretty Christmas Decorations or Your Next-Door-Neighbor Will Start Calling You a Grinch Day.”

From readers:
"I really loved this story... I love how there are games being played with the Christmas decorations." -- Velma on
"I really enjoyed this book and look forward to more." -- Anonymous on Barnes & Noble

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