Collecting Zebras (Stories From Hartford #3)

Angel Melling is determined to find a husband. The long held goal has recently morphed into an obsession. Being the new girl in a small town does have some advantages though. Angel quickly catches the eye of several of Hartford’s eligible bachelors.

Her quest for a husband appears to be on the right track as she embarks on the most active dating of her life. But as the guys are ruled out one after another, Angel begins to fear that she’ll run out of options. Will Angel find a guy who meets all the criteria for her happily ever after?

From the book:
    He told me a story about his dad that made me laugh so hard I almost choked on my drink. And there were a few more times I thought he might have been flirting. He never asked if I was seeing anyone though. Never asked for my phone number or otherwise said anything that showed clear interest. Maybe he was a little shy or maybe he was simply taking things more slowly. Maybe he would be the sane one in our relationship, the one who wasn’t wondering whether we’d have a boy first or a girl before we had a single date.

From readers:

"Angel inwardly admits that she's glad people can't read her thoughts, but I have to say I'm glad the book is written in first person so I CAN read her thoughts because they are highly amusing." -- Valerie on Val's Vicinity
"Collecting Zebras is very skillfully written. The characters are believable, and the plot is straightforward and clear." -- James on Amazon

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