Everything Old (Love In Andauk #1)

Welcome to Andauk. A church in this small Ohio town has been trying to establish a young adult ministry for many years. Finally, one woman thinks she has the perfect idea and the perfect pair of young adults to lead it, Ruth Ziebert and Gabriel Chadwick.

Ruth is pretty sure this team is not a good idea. It isn’t Gabriel’s fascination with antiques and antiquated tech that bothers her. What bothers her is the fact that they share a very awkward history.

Gabriel wants to work with Ruth whether it’s a bad idea or not. He’s ready to embrace the past and get their old relationship moving in a new direction.

From the Book:
Finally, on Wednesday evening, Ruth got the email she’d been waiting for.  Mrs. Donnelly thanked her for agreeing to lead the new ministry.  She told her they’d be tasked with discussing saints and recommended a few books she could find at the library for biographies and possible discussion questions. 
And then she innocently dropped the bomb of the other leader’s name.  Gabriel Chadwick.  There was a familiar email under his name and a phone number that was still the first contact in Ruth’s phone.
She went to work the next morning desperate to talk to Ella about the new development and just as desperate to not talk to Mr. Sweet about it.  Ella didn’t appreciate the need to wait for good timing.  She asked if Ruth had heard from Mrs. Donnelly during the first quiet moment at the start of the day.
“Yes,” Ruth said simply.  “I got an email last night.”
“And?”  Ella raised her eyebrows expectantly.  She was wearing contacts.  Ruth couldn’t see them of course but knew they were there because Ella was not wearing one of her many pairs of glasses.
“Gabe Chadwick.”  Ruth thought she said the name very plainly.  She must have given something away though.
Ella smiled almost smugly.  She stared searchingly at Ruth for what felt like several minutes.  At last she said, “All right.  If he’s going to be your coleader, you’re finally going to have to tell me what the deal is.”
“What deal?”
Ella snorted.  “What deal indeed?  I thought you two dated in high school, but you told me you were only ever friends.  That’s the only thing you’ve told me.  But his name has come up a few times, and you get weird.”
“Weird how?”
“You just did it.  It was like a mental flinch when you said his name.  I’m sensing a story.”
Ruth moved her eyes to the open door of Mr. Sweet’s office and back to Ella.
She understood.  Her eyes got a little wider.  “That good, huh?”  

From Readers:

"This book is the first in a series set in the small town of Andauk, Ohio, and I could see seeds planted for the next couple of books. It definitely got me excited to continue reading the series as new books come out. The characters in this book were well-rounded, and the story was sweet." -- Stacy, goodreads.com

"The characters were a nice blend of quirky and normal and I could easily relate to the main character." -- Bethany, goodreads.com