They See a Family

When tragedy leaves two babies in Kay Donovan’s care, she reaches out to her friend William for help. By the time she stumbles her way through the grief and day-to-day survival, William has become a significant part of their lives. Untangling the connection would be far more difficult for everyone than becoming a real family. But isn’t marrying someone because it’s convenient rather old-fashioned? Kay doesn’t think so. The problem is she’s in love with William, and that’s a little inconvenient when discussing marriage like a business deal.

William had been biding his time in the friend zone. All romantic hopes are put aside when Kay faces one trial after another. Until Kay suggests that their friendship might be enough to make them a family. He’d love to marry her, but can it work if she’s only trying to do what’s best for the kids?

From the Book:

    She might have been gawking rather absently at him when he said, “Do you want me to try to find a bottle right away so we’ll have it if, uh…” He gestured to the sleeping infant. “Or do you want me to stay with you.”
    “Stay,” Kay said, which was kind of weird because she wanted him to go find a bottle. She was afraid Pete was going to wake up screaming, and she’d not be able to comfort him. The other people in the room would assume she was his mom and a terrible one. But she asked William to stay with her.
    He didn’t nod or say anything. He simply stayed.
    They stood side by side in silence, swaying to different imaginary rhythms. The woman behind the counter must have had a loose definition of shortly because it seemed to take a very long time for anyone to come out to talk to them. Someone in scrubs appeared but approached someone else, then took that man down a hallway and out of sight. One of the women at the counter called out a name and made Kay jump. Someone else in the waiting room approached the counter.
    Finally, a man in a white coat came through a door Kay hadn’t noticed until it opened. He went up to the counter, and the woman behind it pointed at Kay. At last, she thought. The man in the white coat walked towards her. This was the person who would take her to Beth.
    “I’m Dr. Everet,” he said. “You’re Elizabeth Fisher’s family?”
    “Her sister. Katherine Donovan.”
    The doctor nodded and held out a hand, not to shake but to point at the chairs behind Kay and William. “Have a seat,” he said.
    Kay just shook her head. There was no point sitting down if she was going to have to get up in a minute to see Beth. “How is she?” she asked, though she meant to ask where she was. Her brain and her mouth did not seem to be communicating properly.
From Readers:

"William is adorably awkward and has had a crush on Kay for awhile. He instantly steps in and becomes an intrinsic part of Kay’s life as she leans on him for help with her new role. Their friendship deepens and Kay starts to think of William as father/husband material. But neither knows the other’s true feelings and misunderstandings abound. Can they solve these problems to become a real family? 
 Well, of course they can because this is a romance and has to have a happy ending!" -- Leslie Sholly, Life in Every Limb blogger

"As they navigate the pitfalls of caring for two young children and dealing with Kay's grief, each tries to figure out how to reveal the feelings of growing love to the other -- even as they cook up a plan to become a family out of necessity. Highly recommended." -- Barb, Franciscan Mom blogger

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