A Perfectly Good Man (Coffee and Donuts #3)

Heidi Ray has a decision to make. It’s a decision she probably should have made before she accepted the engagement ring. Tyler McAlston had the ring on her finger before she had a chance to think it through. But Tyler is a good man. Why wouldn’t she want to marry him?

Unfortunately, Tyler isn’t the only person in Heidi’s life making her think. Heidi can get along with nearly anyone. She is starting to realize, however, that true happiness sometimes requires more than simply getting along. After much prayer and reflection, several of Heidi’s relationships will begin to look different.

From the book:

    When guys proposed in books or movies, they usually made romantic speeches about love and building a life together. Tyler had said, “I’ve been thinking, and I want to ask you to marry me.”    That wasn’t even a question. Of course, I had said, “Okay,” which wasn’t yes either. I wondered if the queasy feeling in my stomach was because we hadn’t followed the script. I’d always been very practical and rarely sentimental though. And he’d looked so relieved. I guessed the unsettled feeling was simply the newness of being engaged. It would surely dissipate after I’d had a chance to get used to the idea.
From readers:

"You can certainly see where this book is going but getting there is kind of fun." -- Brent Soderstrum on goodreads
"Heidi and Tyler’s relationship annoyed me from the beginning, as it was meant to. It is true that sometimes we try to make something work, when that isn’t what God has in store for us, and that is something the main character faces in this book.... Overall, I liked the story and it was fun watching the characters grow and change." -- Christian Book Lady

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