Said and Unsaid (Coffee and Donuts #1)

Alexa Fenley has some complicated relationships in her life. With her mom, she’s trying to keep her temper. With her dad, she’s trying to avoid any subject more emotionally charged than what one would write on a postcard. And with her sister, she’s just trying.

Now Alexa has met someone new. She’s trying to get to know him, trying to stop herself from falling too hard too fast, and trying not to let him know what she thinks of his name. But it’s possible that this new relationship isn’t nearly as complicated as Alexa thinks it is.

From the book:
 “What’s your favorite…uh…”  His face squirmed and I could almost see the ideas being tossed aside as he tried to figure out what he wanted to ask.
    “I think you’re stuck now,” I said.  “There’s no original way to finish that question.”
    “Leaf,” he said.
    “Your favorite kind of leaf.”  Tracker’s grin said he knew the question was lame but that it was also original.
    “I stand corrected,” I said.  “I have never before been asked to name my favorite leaf.”

From readers:
"This was a pretty fun book. The characters were quirky and likable." -- Janine on
"Such a great story. Really enjoyed following Alexa on her journey in love and family. So true that family can be complicated. This story was well written and kept me interested the whole time." -- Party of Five on Amazon

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