Hearts on the Window (Stories From Hartford #0.5)

This short and sweet novella offers an introduction to the Stories From Hartford series.

A new guy is making deliveries in Hartford and everyone finds that very interesting. He finds Jill Anderson interesting. He wants to do more than simply ask her out. But when he believes the town's Valentine's Day celebration will provide the perfect opportunity for a romantic gesture, it begins to look as though he has competition.

From the book:
    Jill noticed a FedEx truck stop outside her window and tried to remember if she was expecting a delivery while she continued to knock through her brother’s thick skull. “It isn’t nice to send flowers if they don’t mean anything.”
    “They meant exactly what they said. ‘I heard you liked purple. Have a nice day.’ I didn’t sign my name so if she also happens to think she has a secret admirer, there’s no harm in that.” He glanced over her shoulder as he finished talking when Clanky clapped and clanked against the door.
    Jill took in a FedEx uniform out of the corner of her eye and put a hand in that direction. “One minute, Larry. I need to yell at my brother.” Then she raised her voice and said, “It’s not a secret, you moron. This is Hartford!”
    Seth looked as though he was about to laugh. “How did you find out so fast? She should have only gotten them today.” He didn’t wait for an answer before he added, “By the way, I don’t think that’s Larry.”
    She turned to find that the man holding a box was in fact not the usual driver. He was much younger than Larry and stared at her with ice-blue eyes that seemed to be trying really hard not to ask any questions about the scene he’d just entered.
    “You’re not Larry,” Jill said.

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