Jealousy & Yams (Stories From Hartford #2)

Luke Foster has been accused of being too nice for his own good. He enjoys being helpful though and never thought it was a problem until he met Summer. Now he believes she feels indebted to him and it isn’t gratitude he wants from her.

Summer Slough feels guilty for using Luke. She also feels an attraction to him that she doesn’t know how to handle. It’s beginning to look as though her mistakes and inexperience will keep them apart.

Lucky for both of them, Hartford’s annual Yam Fest is right around the corner. The community event has a way of bringing people together… maybe even Summer and Luke.

From the book:
    “Emma, he’s actually here.”
    “He’s standing in front of you?”
    “No, he’s inside. He just sat down.”
    “Shouldn’t you go in then?”
    Summer turned away from the window and clutched her phone tightly. “I’m starting to think this was not such a good idea.”
    Emma’s laugh came through the phone. “You should have realized that before you asked him out. I don’t think you can stand him up just because you’ve come to your senses."

From readers:

"If you are into a lighthearted romance and from a small town it is easy to relate to this book. I definitely recommend this book." -- Brittany on Amazon
"The characters are so familiar and approachable. It was so easy and comfortable for me to lose myself on the streets of Hartford and in the homes of the characters." -- Lori on

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