Not Complicated (Coffee and Donuts #4)

Molly’s friends think she should be dating her friend Daniel. Molly’s mom thinks they’ll make the perfect couple. And Daniel’s young daughter thinks they should just hurry up and get married already.

It might not be that simple though. Molly is getting a little tired of explaining why a romantic relationship with Daniel would be too complicated. But when Daniel admits that he wants what everyone else wants for them, staying friends no longer feels like the simplest option.

From the Book:

    I tried not to look over my shoulder, or think that I might be missing anyone, as I walked to my mom’s car. My seatbelt clicked just before she started the ignition. Instead of backing the car from its space, she turned to face me.
    “All right,” she said. “I’ve waited much longer than a nosy mother can be expected to wait. It’s time to ask what’s going on with you and Daniel Devora.”
    “There’s nothing going on, Mom.”
    “You like him.”
    “We’re friends. Of course I like him.” I thought that twenty-four was probably old enough to admit I liked a guy without worrying that anyone would insist I liked him liked him.
    “Come on, Molly. Admit you like him like him.”
    Okay. I was wrong. “Mom, I can’t believe you just said that.”
    “Would you rather I accused you of thinking he’s a stud muffin?”
“Oh, my goodness, no,” I groaned. “That is not better.”

From Readers:
"I love a book where you laugh and also get a grain of truth."  --Amazon Customer

"I found the story heartwarming and touching.  Molly and Daniel's story was just what the Great Physician ordered!"  --yafa2218, LibraryThing

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