Andrew's Key (Stories From Hartford #1)

This book was awarded the CWG Seal of Approval in 2015.

Talk around Hartford is that the old Hilson house is haunted. Its new owner, Rebecca Hilson, doesn’t believe that. She’s more concerned with the decades of junk that has accumulated and for which she is now responsible. She doesn’t know what to do with any of it or even how to approach sorting through it all.

Her new neighbor, Andrew Lately, is happy to offer some words of wisdom and the help of his grandson, Charlie, to get her started. Charlie makes it clear right away that he is interested in more than helping Rebecca move boxes. She doesn’t know if she can return those feelings. In fact, recent events have made her question her ability to feel much of anything.

Will Charlie’s patience pay off or will it take a real ghost to help Rebecca understand the nature of love?

From the book:

I opened the closet next and came face to face with a wall of cardboard.  The boxes were stacked three deep clear to the ceiling and as far as I could tell none of them were labeled.  I made another decision.  Don’t open any more closets today.

From readers:

"I loved this book. It was tender and sweet while not being boring or mushy." --Megan on

"I read this book start to finish, nonstop. No fluff, no 'trying to be impressive' over-writing...this is an actual STORY. And I loved it." --Kim on

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