The 4th Floor Lounge

Where does an extreme introvert draw the line between being lonely and being left alone? One quirky college student is looking for the answer in the 4th floor lounge.

Her goals are simple: make one or two good friends and avoid talking to everyone else. Achieving those goals will not be easy for this gorgeous yet socially awkward heroine. She’s constantly approached by guys who are not interested in friendship. And when she finally forms some solid bonds it’s her own romantic feelings that get in the way.

From the book:
Yes, his ear. I was attracted to his ear. While I was in church. I'm pretty sure that solidifies my position as the weirdest person on the planet.

From readers:
"This is a refreshingly different NA book--in style, perspective,story,and feel. I stayed up and read the entire book in one night, and I will likely read it again. Other reviews are quite detailed, so I will simply say: Recommended! I am so glad I did not pass it by." -- IncognitoReading on Amazon

"I don't usually go for romantic novels. This one reminds me of an Austen novel. Not because of setting, language or style, but because it is about relationships and interactions. It is also "clean" which is very unusual in our permissive society. I thoroughly enjoyed the story. The writing is excellent." -- Geckomac on Amazon
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