Zero Station: A Sci-Fi Novella

Humans have known for years that they are not alone in the universe. Those in power have chosen not to seek further contacts because of a tragic history, but sometimes contact cannot be avoided.

When an unidentified ship crashes in Antarctica, a team is assembled to communicate with the new arrivals. First agonizing silence, then a confusing plea for help. Who or what caused the ship to crash? Will scars from the past interfere with the mission? And will the team understand the danger in time?

Zero Station is a gripping tale of first contact, uniquely told from both the human side and the alien.

From readers:
"Amanda has a pretty solid plot here from front to back and it's interesting that this is told in two parts with our Main Character Hazel in part one and the Aliens in part two." -- JL Dobias on
"This was a short novella, not even a 100 pages long, but it was a short story I thoroughly enjoyed. The author managed to create characters with depth and personalities and wrote a sci-fi story from a unique perspective." -- Robert Stadnik on

From the author:
Before I believed writing dozens of books was a real possibility, and before I knew anything about author branding, there was Zero Station.  This sci-fi story now sticks out like a sore thumb amidst my fluffy love stories.  I'm not sorry I wrote the book though.  My oldest child still asks when I'm going to write another one like it because he's not a fan of the fluffy love stories.  The book has been retired everywhere except the Nook version, where it has enjoyed the most success.

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