Double Take: My First Year as a Mother of Twins

Author and mother of four Amanda Hamm provides insight and humor in this baby care book disguised as a memoir. Written as a collection of essays, Double Take is easy for busy parents to pick up between diaper changes. New and expecting parents will find valuable tips and a candid picture of life with two newborns, while more seasoned parents can find twin-specific information without being bored by a rehash of basic baby care. Double Take is a must read for anyone expecting twins and an entertaining read for any parent.

From readers:
"The author had me laughing out-loud. Great read, whether you're a parent or not..." -- Sarah on
"As a mother of twins who has just made it through the first year, I found Amanda Hamm's book an incredibly fun read. Her essays capture the simple everyday struggles of twins very well, but even more importantly she finds the humor in those struggles." -- Emily on Amazon
From the author:
As my only nonfiction title, it’s probably not surprising that Double Take has a backstory. In 2009, I was asked to write a weekly blog for a parenting site run by Raleigh’s News & Observer. I wrote it for a about a year before I quit because I was getting bored and was afraid my posts might start to reflect that. I originally intended to compile the essays only to have a copy for my family. I thought my kids might find the stories entertaining. (One of them is now a fan of the book. She’s read it several times and occasionally quotes me to me. It’s a little scary.)
 My first post appeared only a few days before I gave birth to twins though. Most of the content describes the joy and chaos of wrangling two infants along with two slightly older kids. I thought the twins angle might be unique enough to offer the book to a wider audience. I wrote a dozen or so fresh essays (never used as blog posts) and published everything as Double Take.

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